pink glass lamp shade

Pink Lamp Shade to Make Your Home Look Lovely

Pink is one of those color options that you can find in pink lamp shade to beautify your home interior. It is often that color that you can find in any room’s decoration that will bring romantic touch. For the lamp shade, you will find various designs available that will make it look more beautiful. Instead of prepared for adult’s room, you can also find pink lamp shade children that […]

rectangle lamp shade

Modern Rectangular Lamp Shades

If you know lamp shade is designed in round or drum design only, you need to read more reference and get along with more new and updated design. Modern lamp shade comes in almost in all shapes like oval, round, square, triangle and rectangular lamp shades. There are also other options. Rectangular shape looks larger and wider than drum design. It creates more wonderful display for your room for sure. […]

black granite counter tops

Special Black Granite Countertops

Want to make a kind of masculine atmosphere at the house? Need special detail of item for your minimalist house theme? Then, the black granite countertops idea will be a perfect choice that you can apply at your house. With its simplicity and amazing design of counterpart, it can bring you special kind of satisfaction, and also easy way to combine many other details in the room. With more specification, […]

red table lamp

Red Lamp Shade Accents

Lamp shade has been designed with many impressive characters. They also come with more colors. So, it can be as a lamp shade and also as an ornament or room accessory at the same time. Red lamp shade may be good option to improve your modern, minimalist and simple room interior design. Sure since it has dominant and strong color accent of red color, you can make these lamp shades […]

leather sofa bed sectional

Leather Sofa Bed for an Elegant Living Room

One of those choices of furniture for living room that will give your living room a different look is leather sofa bed. It is quite the same design in sofa bed type furniture for living room, but the material is different that it features leather to bring a different touch on it. This kind of sofa bed can be found at many stores including IKEA that found as one of […]

faux granite counter

Eye-Catching Faux Granite Countertop for Up to Date Kitchen

Looking for the beautiful countertop design? Well, you can choose the beautiful faux granite countertop from our collections. The beautiful faux granite becomes one of the beautiful styles of the countertop that you can choose to make your wonderful day in your kitchen more beautiful. Of course, if we have the comfortable furniture in our kitchen, doing anything will be easier and interesting. We have some modern kitchen designs that […]

lamp shade supplies

Lamp Shades for Table Lamps Designs

Table lamp can illuminate the room perfectly. It is also as the ornament of an interior design. It adds certain accents depending on the design of the lamp shades for table lamps you have to cover the lamp. That is why whether it is placed on the table in the bedroom or in the corner of living room; it will enhance the room sweetly. The shades design is the key […]

granite tile countertop cost

The Beauty of Granite Tile Countertop

Make perfect kind of countertop design in the room can be considered as the good thing, which bring special kind of effect for the whole room condition. In more detail, you can get the special and even maximal kind of decoration result when you have high quality consideration in all of its specification. You should never simplify the decoration process as the easy thing, because you need to prepare it […]

convertible couch bed

Convertible Sofa Bed that Offers You More Functions

The best option that you can find for sofa bed among those choices available can be found in convertible sofa bed that will offer you with more benefits. It is the furniture that will offer you with different design and function since it can be a comfortable bed as well. Furthermore, you will find that there are more choices of this kind of sofa bed in various sizes such as […]

Loveseat Pull out bed

Loveseat Sofa Bed Choices with Various Designs

Available in various designs, loveseat sofa bed will offer you with different look for your living room. It is the option of furniture that you can find with different design in sofa bed design. By bringing this kind of furniture for your living room, you will definitely give a different touch for your living room. Among those choices of stunning sofa bed in loveseat design, you will also find loveseat […]